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Partners in ASIA / VIETNAM

Vietnam B2B Direct

The No. 1 go-to company in Vietnam for sourcing: company and product reports & market intelligence, Business Matching, Sourcing Trade Missions, factory visits and ogffers a full range of importing / exporting services. Talk to Mr. Bill Gadd, CEO

Partners in EUROPE & ASIA / Denmark & Vietnam

Jutland Co.

Jutland Co. is an export and business services agency operating in Vietnam that conducts business between Denmark and Vietnam

Partners in ASIA / JAPAN

digi-escape Inc. (Japan)

Since 2001, digi-escape inc. (JAPAN) is our direct business partner and representative in Japan. Their representative office and operations is managed by Ms. Naoko Ishiguro in Tokyo. Their primary role is to liaison between non-English speaking clients, based in Japan, with digi-escape CANADA, therefore creating a direct link to Japan for international companies seeking business with Japan.

Partners in N. America / CANADA

SMARTFIRST (formerly called ObjektivEX)

SMARTFIRST is a web development company specializing in content strategy, design and management. We help businesses to look smart and work smarter using the web for improving business opportunities while reducing costs. (www.smartfirst.ca)

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If you are ready to let digi-escape develop and execute an effective and affordable international content marketing strategy for your company in Vietnam you can make an inquiry here….