digi-escape Personnel – Vietnam

Mr. Wayne Capriotti. Director, digi-escape Vietnam (Saigon)

Mr. Capriotti has 15+ year employment experience in all aspects related to the Internet, Web Site Design & Development, Online and Content Marketing. Mr. Capriotti has also completed a FITT (Forum of International Trade Training www.fitt.ca) Diploma program, with CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) certification pending.

digi-escape Partners

Ms. Naoko Ishiguro. Managing Director. digi-escape Inc., Tokyo, Japan

Ms. Ishiguro manages and develops all aspects of digi-escape business in Japan. Fully bilingual, a translator from on-the-job-training with many years of experience as an office manager dealing with international clients, who understands the need and effectiveness of web globalization and the need to fully integrate the Internet into the daily operations of companies in Japan, to succeed internationally. Ms. Ishiguro also has working experience in exporting products from Japan.

Mr. Bill Gadd, CEO. Vietnam B2B Direct – Saigon (HCM City), Vietnam

An International Entrepreneur and Business Leader multi-skilled in business start-ups, marketing, sales, administration, management and leadership for the past 29 years. He has built 7 successful solely owned corporations and participated as a key player involved in the planning, launch and growth of numerous national and international companies.

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