Global Going with Content Marketing

Easily Source Companies or Goods by becoming Export-Ready using an Optimized & Localized B2B Content Marketing Strategy.

We can help you identify and target new markets and customers through an international content marketing campaign for Vietnam.

How our services will help your company?

  • Identify who’s looking to buy your type of product and tell you where they are located
  • Source products or companies in Vietnam
  • Allow you to learn more about each new market entry customs and culture to further localize your products or services

The First Step in Going Global

This first step in developing and maintaining an international marketing content is creating a export-ready website that has:

  • Global Reach (website visibility in your new marktet entry)
  • Globalized Depth (native language and localized content)

Your internet-enabled, export-ready website should always have current and up-to-date company and product information and it should be easy to find and easily available to site visitors (prospect clients) living in different time zones and written in their language.

Our aim is to help small to medium sized businesses (SME) find new markets in Vietnam

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Request for Trade Service Solution for Vietnam

digi-escape partners with Vietnam B2B Direct, an agency in Vietnam that offers a specialized trade service solution that includes Sourcing, Supply Chain Management and importing and exporting. Please make an inquiry here …