Export Management Overview

How a Export-Ready site supports your Trade strategy?

Our aim is to help small to medium sized businesses (SME) resolve their obstacles (costs, in-house-expertise, and inexperience) in exporting to Asia, by managing their Internet-enabled export operations, ultimately supporting their international business strategy, for selective targeted countries in Asia.

digi-escape stresses the critical role of the internet and your website to overcome export barriers, reduce overall costs and speed up new business market development.

Export barriers could include the difficulty of foreign finding agents/distributors, conducting and understanding market research in target markets, foreign trade regulations and vital communication with foreign customers and suppliers.

Other advantages include evaluating potential customers\ and helping international promotion and sales.

Our service solution workflow is a clearly defined process delivered in a four staged process:

The Four Stages of Export Readiness

Note The Four Stages of Export Readiness are adopted from the Government of Canada’s FITT (Forum of International Trading Training) general classifications of Export Readiness.

Request for Trade Service Solution for Vietnam

digi-escape partners with Vietnam B2B Direct, an agency in Vietnam that offers a specialized trade service solution that includes Sourcing, Supply Chain Management and importing and exporting. Please make an inquiry here …