Global Search Marketing

Global Search Marketing is Multinational, Multicultural and uses Multiple Languages!

The growth in North American Internet adoption / usage has flatlined in comparison to the Asian Regions. Further, the percentage of people using the Internet in English is losing ground to Chinese as the dominant langauge, and may also be surpassed by Punjabi in the near future. According to Comscore research from July, 2009, entitled ‘Global Search Market Draws More than 100 Billion Searches per Month’, the Asian regions still have an upward trajectory in growth.

In particular, the Asia Pacific region, your company should not ignore international business opportunities emerging from these online growth regions and plan to create a Global Search Marketing Strategy.

Besides, your competition will surely take notice one day too…

What is Global Search Marketing?

If you are familiar with local (city / state / province / county) search marketing campaigns and in the process of developing a international business strategy you should definitely include search marketing campaigns for your targeted international market entry. Our emphasis is on inter-national : developing search campaigns for different languages locally/regional is not the same, although experience from these campaigns will definitely be an asset.

Global Search Marketing is essential online promotion in support of your international business expansion and strategy and is an integral part of a content marketing campaign.

In the past, the costs of financing international business entry into some regions of the world was prohibitive, especially for the small and medium business (SMB).

The sending of sales staff to attend trade shows overseas with collateral printed marketing, translators/ interpreters, travel, etc. etc. was the typical method of marketing and promotion. However, do not interpret this as unnecessary marketing, in many regions of Asia, it will always be face-to-face, in doing business.

What we are suggesting is that search marketing tactics (paid and organic) are the best supportive modes of market entry and delivering the highest ROI.

Global Search Marketing removes many barriers in doing international businesss and it has been proven that using an export-enabled, international focused website(s) generally helps reduces these costs.

Advantages of Global Search Market Strategy

Small and medium business (SMB) should learn how to leverage search engine marketing and export-enabled websites to reach new markets, staying competitive by thinking outside their local & national markets and outside their natural borders, for new business opportunities.

Does your website speak an Asian language?

It is estimated that by 2015 over 50% of the world’s online population will live, work, love, dream and buy! in Asia: 80% of that statistic will be in the Asia Pacific Region.

How to get started…

Our services begins with a request for essential information (RFI) about your company, your products services, your competition and a list of important keywords that best describe your products / services. We will also review your online international business goals.

We then provide you with comprehensive analysis and review of your current website, auditing content, technical and other website issues that could be acting as barriers and obstacles to a successful online business internationally.

We essentiality look at factors that will act as barriers to a localization of your online international business objectives.

A summary of our research and analysis will be presented to you in a report, that will be reviewed with you. After we agree to terms and conditions of our service, we then move forward and proceed to built a international search marketing plan for your company.

Request for Information (RFI)

If you are ready to let digi-escape develop an effective and affordable international content marketing program, the includes a global search marketing campaign for your company in Vietnam, you can make an inquiry here….