Professional Website Development & Design

All Website Development projects use the WordPress Content Publishing and Management System (CMS) for fast development, allowing easy content management and maintenance.

A WordPress theme design is selected to enable the creating of a professional looking website, that is aesthetically pleasing. An essential factor in reducing your cost for site development.

All website content is optimzed for search and social media.

All of digi-escape’s website developments follow Responsive design guidelines. This type of site structure allows your client to view your site using a laptop / desktop computer, a smart phone and on tablets.

Website Development & Design consist of four phases:

Phase 1 Website Development & Content Build
Phase 2 Content Marketing & Optimization
Phase 3 Social Network Development
Phase 4 Monthly Maintenance (Content, Analytics & Measurement)*

*Monthly Maintenance also includes website hosting services and management of your domain if required.

Request for Information (RFI)

digi-escape offers a complete online business development that focus on creating a content rich website optimized for various devices, search engines and social media. Make an inquiry by contacting digi-escape now …